Machine learning + Real-Time feedback

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APEX is an artificial intelligence system used for vehicle performance simulation. APEX learns the performance limits of your vehicle, and gives you real-time feedback on how to optimize your decisions at every point on the track.

Internal Sensors

Collect 12,000 data points every second

[ 9-axis IMU; Internal GPS & Computer ]

Machine Learning Algorithm

Learns While You Drive

Real-Time Feedback

Let's you adjust your driving immediately


All You Need To know about APEX - in under 1 minute:

APEX constantly predicts the peak performance it anticipates you should attempt, then displays your current performance as a fraction of that limit. This results in a green bar  (your current performance) reaching toward the red bar (potential performance). By overlapping the two, you receive intuitive feedback at a glance.


Dashtop Mount

Using APEX's simple dash-top mount (3M adhesive + magnetic pins), drivers can easily install the baseplate, and remove the APEX unit itself from the vehicle at will by simply pulling it from the magnetic pins on the baseplate.



Sensors Gather Data

Your APEX unit gathers data (at a rate of 12,000 data points each second), utilizing its built-in 9-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Units), internal GPS, and computer.

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Machine learning model

APEX uses this massive amount of data to model:

1) Vehicle Capabilities:

  • Tire grip on current track
  • Engine power
  • Aerodynamic grip and drag

2) Track Model:

  • Straights and corners
  • Banking and cresting
  • Apex grip limit
  • Corner entry and exit trajectories

Post-Session Review: Apex App

Not to worry - APEX not only gives you real-time feedback on where you are losing time; it also lets you review each lap later, to evaluate both your lap times and APEX Score. 

There is also a neat tool called "Crew View", which allows your crew (or girlfriend) to get live updates on your performance during sessions. If your driver pal has an APEX unit, you can track their times and performance as well - either from the paddock, or from the couch.