Peter Krause


"It measures the end result of everything."

"I like that this tool measures the end result of everything - tire grip (mechanical), aero, braking and track topography (power is usually the least of people's worries). I also like that it LEARNS, so the quicker you go, the wider the area of the benchmarks created."

"The results were undeniable."

"...The results were undeniable. I was able to increase entry and exit speeds at turns 1 and 7 at Road Atlanta and decrease my overall lap times. I am really looking forward to taking it to Barber with NASA Mid-South next month and continue to improve my driving."

- Brian Stetson (Just Track It) NASA Spec 944 Racer


"APEX Allows us to find those missing seconds as soon as we hit the track."

"We run primarily autocross events, and since we never see the same course layout twice, it’s important that we can put any feedback to use during the event, not after.  At first we weren't sure how much APEX would help in autocross racing, but it's been an amazing source of information.  From our very first lap, APEX tells us where we can improve and what we need to be doing differently.  With minimal course time available, we don't have all day to search for speed.  APEX enables us to find those missing seconds as soon as we hit the track. 

APEX is also simple to use.  Unlike other expensive and complicated data acquisition systems, you just stick it to the dashboard, turn it on, and do everything else through the mobile app.  No wiring, no external modules, no expensive displays.  You can be up and running in any car in just seconds! This season, our team is off to the best start we've ever had, and we give a lot of the credit to APEX.  We highly recommend APEX Pro to any autocross drivers." 

Marlon Sumlin Racing:


"I Rate It a 10/10!"

"Just wanted to do a quick review of the Apex Pro from our weekend from National Corvette Museum with NASA GL. After meeting Andrew Rains at PRI, my wife and I were impressed with his presentation. I purchased the Apex Pro and was excited to see it in action.

We had an opportunity to test it at NCM and it helped my wife a great deal, she is moving from , HPDE1 to HPDE2. I like the product for it's ease of use and how it visually aids my students. After laying down a baseline (driving /10ths), my wife was able to see immediately where she was braking to early and also where she could get back on the throttle sooner.

Overall there was continuous improvement throughout the weekend. As we had our download sessions, we were able to look at each of her runs and it gave her an opportunity to add notes to her track map where she needed to. change her visual reference points for braking, throttle application, turn in points, exit points, etc.

I would highly recommend the Apex Pro for any HPDE Instructor to help with Novice and Intermediate students. Dollar for dollar, it is a great instructional tool, that will help the instructor to become an even better instructor! I rate it a 10/10!"

Timothy S.

"There’s zero doubt in my mind that the APEX works and shaves time."

"Build quality – Exceptional. The device is compact, solid and high grade. No cheap plastic here. Impressive.

Installation – Couldn’t be simpler.

App – The app is fast and intuitive. Nice work on that.

...I’m fairly familiar with AMP – I’ve probably done 350 laps there – and there were several places the APEX shaved time. To put numbers on it: I ran the same times in the wet with the APEX as I had the day before when the track was bone dry. That’s fairly impressive in my opinion. Some of that was me getting more familiar with the car, but I can’t chalk it all up to that. There’s zero doubt in my mind that the APEX works and shaves time."


"I was at 2+05 at Barber but after using Apex Pro my time is now 1+48!"

"I am a track day driver, 69 years old, started this sport at 66. I drive a 99 Corvette, supercharged, coil over springs, etc. APEX Pro has enabled me to come out of turns faster as it tells me I can continue to add power when I may have been unwilling. Not having huge amounts of track time the precision of the device allowed me to apply power till I had all green, then play with the back end much more confidently. I was at 2+05 at Barber and after using Apex Pro my time is now 1+48! I still have one or two red lights so I am looking for a few more seconds."

- Tom R.


"From 1’49” to 1’43” and I attribute all that to the Apex Pro!"

"Wow, 6 seconds off my lap time at Barber Motorsports Park is incredible!  And in one weekend.  From 1’49” to 1’43” and I attribute all that to the Apex Pro.  My confidence to push my car more to its limits was boosted when the Apex Pro kept telling me to push harder and faster. Each time I get on the track I am improving my lap time and especially, my confidence to push the car.  What a great feeling. APEX Pro is absolutely the best coaching I've ever had!"

- Ralph S.

Comprehensive User Reviews:

"So the real question that every wants to know is, 'Will this device make me faster??' The answer is, yes..."

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"As you can see, the feedback from the Apex Pro is amazing. This allows me to review what I did and where I can make improvements.

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"I find it very easy and intuitive to peek down and check out the LEDs..."

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