You can use the APEX App to calibrate your APEX Unit the first you use it; control the APEX display settings; get live updates on your friends (or competitors!) lap times using the "Crew View" tool; and much more.

Compatible with iOS 10.3+ iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

iPhone6-1 Power on DDC.jpg

1) Power on Apex Unit

Turn on your APEX by clicking the large black button on the left hand side of the unit. After loading, the device will go into "Freestyle Mode", displaying red and green lights. Open the APEX App on your phone, and tap 'Accept & Continue' to begin. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is on.


2) Connect to App

Select 'APEX_pro' by tapping on the name of the device with highest signal strength. When a connection is established, the APEX display will go blank, and the rightmost blue LED will blink once every few seconds. You are now on the home screen of the APEX App. If no devices are listed, make sure your APEX Unit is powered on, and that your phone's Bluetooth is turned on.

iPhone6-3 Create User Profile.jpg

3) Personalize Your Settings

Next, scroll down to the 'Settings' tab and select it. Set the desired brightness by tapping the 'Brightness' button - APEX will demonstrate the brightness after each tap. Select your skill level to match the light display to the region where you spend most of your driving time; ‘beginner’ maps the lights from 0% to 100% of peak performance, ‘intermediate maps from 50% to 100%, and ‘expert’ maps from 90% to 100%. (We recommend everyone start on ‘intermediate’ until you are familiar with the display).


4) Calibrate

The first time you use your APEX Unit, you will need to calibrate the navigation sensors to account for the exact angle at which the unit is mounted on your dash. This only needs to be done ONCE, when you first mount APEX to your dash - it does not need to be calibrated again, unless you move the APEX to another mounting position/vehicle. Select 'Calibrate' from the 'Settings' menu. Make sure your APEX is clipped securely to the magnetic base, and tap 'Calibrate'. Be still for a few seconds while the sensors are adjusted... Done! APEX is now calibrated for your car.

iPhone6-5 Settings.jpg

5) Select Your Track

Begin by choosing a track by tapping the 'Select a Track...' button. NOTE: You don't have to select a track in order for APEX to work; but selecting a track will establish parameters for the lap timer, if you wish to use this functionality. Also note that you need to keep your phone with you in your vehicle during your session, if you wish to save your APEX data or use the lap timer functionality.

iPhone6-6 Calibrate.jpg

6) Start Session

Now everything is ready to go - fasten your seat-belt and tap 'Start' to begin your session! The two indicators in the top right should be blue, denoting that Bluetooth is connected and GPS is accurate enough for lap timing. Press 'Start' again to begin. Put your phone in a secure dashboard mount, in a glove-box, or even in your pocket. (Do not remove the phone from the vehicle or laps and data will not be saved!)

iPhone6-8 Save Session.jpg

7) Finish Session

While the coaching session is live, lap times will be shown on the screen each time you cross the finish line. To end the session, tap 'Finish'. If you want to save data from the session, select 'Save Session'. You may now start a new Session, or exit the Coaching feature.

iPhone6-7 Start.jpg

8) Review Data

To review your data, choose 'Sessions' from the Main Menu. Here you can select individual sessions to see lap times and review your APEX Score. Sessions can be deleted by swiping left and selecting 'Delete'. After selecting a session, you will see a table of lap times. The score to the right of each lap is your APEX Score: your average performance during that lap, shown as a % of your potential performance (out of 100).

By selecting any lap, a ‘rainbow-road’ plot will appear which shows your path around the track and your APEX score in every place on the track. This allows you to review your performance for future improvement. You know that you are driving near the limit in green regions, and can focus your practice on the red regions where there is potential to be faster and drop your lap times.

Crew View

1) Create Your Profile

Select "Create New User" at the top of the Apex home screen. If you have already created a user profile, this area will simply show your name.


2) Search for Other Users

To find other users (or when telling your crew how to find your profile), simply type in the first letter only of the username, then hit 'Search'. A list of all users beginning with that letter will appear. Click on the user you are looking for.


3) Get Live Updates

Now when the user you are tracking goes out for a session, you will get LIVE updates on his/her lap time and Apex Score, within seconds after every lap! Since the APEX App is free, you can have anyone in the world download the App and track your performance in real-time.